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Joliet Domestic Abuse and Orders for Protection

A spouse or partner never ever has the right to beat you, slap you, bully you into submission or threaten you with bodily harm. The Illinois Domestic Violence Act recognizes spousal abuse or violence against any member of the household as a serious criminal offense. It also provides a remedy in the form of a formal order of protection.

If you have been physically abused or threatened, or if you fear for the safety of your children, contact the police and have him (or her) arrested. You can also go down to the police station and file domestic violence charges. Chicago-domestic-violence-lawyers

Domestic violence often occurs in the midst of a divorce or break-up. Tell your attorney if you were assaulted or threatened after filing for divorce. Your attorney will get an order for protection (OFP) and help you take steps to protect yourself and children, including referral to a shelter or county agency. Your attorney can also advocate for you if the spouse/partner has violated an OFP.

Our law firm here at Boyer Law Offices handles all aspects of divorce and family law, including domestic violence protective orders. Whether or not you are getting divorced, we can help.

Defense for Protective Orders

We also represent men who are accused of domestic violence. We know that whatever happened, you are reeling from the events: arrested and now subject to an emergency restraining order that won’t let you return home, talk to your partner or see your children.

We know that domestic assault charges are not always what they seem. We know that allegations of abuse are sometimes exaggerated or fabricated to make the man look bad in divorce or child custody proceedings.

The police and the judge are bound by law to err on the side of the victim’s safety, but you have rights too. We will represent you in requesting a hearing to tell your side of the story. Our goal as your lawyer is to have the order for protection rescinded or narrowed as much as possible so you are not cut off from your kids or arrested again for an OFP violation.

Chicagoland Domestic Abuse Attorney

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