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Joliet Property Division Lawyer

When going through a divorce, one of the most stressful issues is how property will be divided. Who will get the marital home? How will you divide furniture, cars and retirement accounts?

At Boyer Law Offices, we can help. We represent clients with divorces in Will, Grundy or Kendall counties. With over 30 years of experience as Joliet property division attorneys,we can answer your questions and provide you with skilled representation at every stage of your divorce or property division. Contact our office for a free initial consultation.

Illinois Complex Asset Divorce Attorney

Whether you have modest assets or a substantial marital estate, there are many ways it can be divided. Illinois law requires an equitable distribution, but that does not necessarily mean a 50-50 split. My job is to make sure that property division is (a) fair to you and (b) makes financial sense for you.

We offer sophisticated knowledge and creative, practical solutions for:

  • The marital residence — If one spouse wants the house, what is a fair trade-off for the equity? Can you make it work financially? What if you decide to sell?
  • Retirement assets — It doesn’t matter whose name is on the pension or 401(k). Retirement wealth accumulated during marriage is split evenly, or the other spouse must be compensated.
  • Cars, valuables and possessions — Sentimental attachment or vengeful motives can get in the way of clear thinking. What is the real value? Is it worth fighting over?
  • Division of debt — You don’t want to be hamstrung by debt. The higher-earning spouse may be better able to take on credit card balances and other debts, in exchange for a bigger share of assets.
  • Separate property — What did each of you bring to the marriage? These assets may or may not be subject to division.
  • Businesses and investments — A closely held business must be properly valued by an expert and accounted for in the property settlement.
  • Access and discovery — Has your estranged spouse stashed money, transferred property or frozen you out of the bank accounts? You need to be sure everything is “on the table.”
  • Child support and spousal support — These must be factored in when dividing property. How will divorce affect your finances? Can support negotiations help you get something else you want?

Direct Contact With a Divorce Lawyer

There is no cookie-cutter solution to these challenging problems. But you can work it out if you have priorities and a plan. Contact our law firm at 312-313-3022 or contact us online. We always offer a free initial consultation, including evenings and weekends by appointment if needed.